Breakfast, lunch and supper are provided. Please note Exceptions below.


Meal cards will be provided to all participant for purchase of breakfast at Tim Horton's, Comma or Starbucks (on campus). It is assumed that $10-$14 would be sufficient for one meal.


Lunch will be catered by UBC Food Services and served in ART 112.


Supper on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will be served at the Four Points Hotel. This will be buffet-style, starting at 6:00PM. There is a complementary shuttle service which can transport groups to and from the hotel. The hotel is about a 20 minute walk from campus. (It is noteworthy that all participants in the Splines workshop 24w5313 walked.)

Supper on Wednesday will be catered by UBC Food Services and served in ART 112.


  • Sundays: participants will be arriving at various times so it is difficult to plan a fixed venue for everyone. Instead, additional funds have been provided on your meal card for purchase of food at one of the suggested off campus sites.

    If you expect to arrive in Kelowna after 6:30PM, we suggest that you arrange to have dinner at or near the Kelowna Airport or at your previous stop.

Off Campus Food Options


Kelowna has some very nice restaurants in the downtown area - a roughly 25 minute bus ride from the campus. Here is an unsorted list

Near Campus

Within walking distance of the campus, there are a few alternatives that can be found on either Map 1 or Map 2 .

  • Academy Hill (close to the campus):
    • Golden Island Asian Cuisine (Map 1)
    • Fusion Express (Map 1)
    • Another attractive option, near the Golden Island Restaurant, is the Kelowna Brewing Company
  • Airport Village (close to the Four Points Hotel):
    • Xing Yun Asian Restaurant (Map 2)
    • Grizzly Bear Bistro and Bar (Map 2)
    • Kaya Sushi and Grill (Map 2)
    • Gulfstream Restaurant (in the Hotel) (Map 2)
    • Dunenzies Pizza Airport (Map 2)
  • Just past Airport Village:
    • Upside Cidery This unique establishment is a longer walk or a short cab ride but is definitely worth the trip.