The Okanagan Valley is surrounded by three mountain ranges: the Columbia Mountains to the east, the Cascade Mountains to the south, and the Coastal Mountains to the west. Within the valley are several lakes, of which Okanagan Lake is the largest. Thus, there are many opportunities to see beautiful views, and hiking and biking are the best ways to do this.

Trails Near UBC-Okanagan

  • Pine Trail This trail is accessible from Parking Lot G.
  • Flume Trail . This trail is connected to the Pine Trail.
  • Stephens Coyote Ridge. This park has a network of trails which is about a 10 minute drive from the campus. Views of both the valley and the Okanagan Lake are afforded after walking up a fairly steep pathway for 30 minutes.

Further Afield

Other hiking opportunities that are further afield, but still within about a 30 minute drive are described in this article.